Home vegetable growing is among the top American pastimes. Family Farms can create your garden or improve what you have. Whether you need advice, soil amendment, fencing, irrigation or weekly maintenance of a school or corporate site, we can determine and fulfill your diverse needs. After a sun charting and soil test to determine fertility, nutrients, Ph and lead level, we'll provide a planting plan to keep you growing from Easter to Thanksgiving - and don't forget herbs and storage crops to get you through the winter!
Egyptian onions are a reliable perennial that will endure the harshest conditions. The plants form onions at the top, bend over from the weight and multiply. The greens are available nearly year round - you can dig into the snow and get them. Homegrown corn can be much larger than store bought, and makes a great temporary screen in the landscape. By growing organically, you encourage wild species like this hen-of-the-woods (maitake) mushroom to live on your property. You can't beat homegrown lettuce for variety and flavor. Lettuce can be grown from April to December if given the right spots. Storage pumpkins are harvested in Sept./Oct. and will keep in the house until March.
This Veronica cauliflower is delicious and pretty enough for a centerpiece. A tightly packed bushel of beans looks good at the fair. Kholrabi is an easy-to-grow veggie rarely found in stores. Various types of kale are nutritious and ornamental. Well fed tomato plants with plenty of sun can produce very large fruits.
Rhubarb is a reliable perennial crop. Plan your dinner around the daily catch. Scarlet Runner Beans are tasty, have lots of flowers, and make an great screen around a pool or patio.    
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