Site Preparation

From fertilizers, rototilling and rainbarrels to terraces and raised bed construction, Family Farms can help turn your yard into pay dirt. We use only organic and mineral soil amendments. A soil test and sun charting start every job, and services from planning and consultation to complete construction and maintenance are available upon request.
In a rural setting, a fence will save a lot of food and aggravation. Here, an 18” trench surrounds the garden area. 6' of chicken wire from the trench up stapled to the fence posts will deter rabbits, deer, woodchucks, etc., while allowing birds to eat the bugs. If you have Sugar Maples and a wood stove, making syrup will keep you busy until planting time. Manures are best mixed into the soil in late fall after the final harvest. Wood ash, blood meal, bone meal, compost and lime should be added each spring. Always test your soil before starting your edible landscaping projects. A compost screen is the traditional finishing method. Many communities offer free municipal compost, but you have no control over weed seed or herbicides used in lawn care.
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